Saturday, 10 April 2010

Achievement earned: Raid Healer

The title pretty much says it all.

Today, I set foot in a raid for the very first time. (We only did the first boss of Naxx, but who cares, it was a raid, damnit!) The feeling I got from is was... something quite extraordinary.

I felt like the cupcake that discovers icing. A penguin that learns how to fly and asks itself wuh-tuh-fuh it's been doing all its life on the ground. A blind person that... ok no, that's going a bit too far. You get the point.

It was awesome.

I do have to include that there were a number of things that could have made the result Less Awesome. For example, the other healer was a paladin that apparently had never heard of the term 'tank healing'. I know. Where do I find these people? (Or rather, where does my dear raid leader find these people...) Seriously though. I asked in /raid who the other healer was, he stepped up, and I checked if he wanted to tank heal. Since, you know, he's a pally and I'm a holy priest. Things should be fairly obvious in role division, right? Ahhhh, no. First, he told me his gear wasn't good enough to tank.
"I mean, are you going to heal the tank?" was my reply.
He linked to his Beacon of Light and informed me he'd obviously be healing the tank, as he'd be healing everyone.

At this point, I blanched and turned to Pocky. (note: he was the raid tank)
I had no idea about the difficulty level of this raid, and was a tad worried our paladin friend hadn't actually touched a healing spell with a ten foot pole.

It turned out my worries were unfounded. It was a proverbial cakewalk. Our DPS was made of Absolute Awesomeness, and both tanks did a wonderfull job as well.

And I learned why holy priests are called 'raid healers'. For the few AoE's that I had to hit, I was shocked and amazed at how easily I topped off our raid. I genuinely felt like this was what I was designed to do. (Duh, Ari, this *is* what blizzard designed you for, dunce!)

-- Anyway, like I said, it was an incredibly easy raid, so it's probably not this great in others, but a girl can dream. *happy sigh*



  1. Naxx might be easy with the gear people can get these days, but it's still a lot of fun! If you can get a group together, you should definitely do a full run once, just for laughs. It's a great place to get introduced to raiding and can still be challenging, even with great gear (beware of the four horsemen, or kel'thuzad). Careful though, it could get you hooked on raiding :)

  2. I still enjoy going back to the old level 60 raids with a few people, and there is nothing easier than that, but the feeling is there, and that is the most important thing. I myself love naxx. It's incredible and filled with lore. Heigan the Unclean is one of the most amazing encounters, and you still can beat him with a gearscore of 10k if you are a complete retard. :D

    Try and stay out of all the Drama. There is nothing that can burn you out faster than retards that are so stupid that they doesn't even understand what you are telling them >.<

    I am glad that you reached the start of your goal :D Keep doing the great job you are doing, and hopefully, you will kill Lich King eventually ^_^

  3. WEEE! Grats! Healing your first raid - or any raid - is a massive buzz! I think the reason the paladin was saying he would raid heal was that he can put his beacon on the MT and then any healing he does on the raid would be mirror-ed on the MT.

    But, yes, raid healing as holy makes you feel like a healing God :D

  4. @Daxlim: Oooh, if only I could get hooked! XD
    @Arceopteryx: Hehe, yeah. That's why we're being so selective for the guild recruitment. Sorry for the wait, by the by.
    @Tam: Yay! Yes it does. Also, my compliments on your last post. It rules, as usual. *applaud*