Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Is holy dead?

A few weeks ago, something big happened. I hit 80. How I got there is a whole different story. Let me just say it did not happen easily. I've been playing on and off for about (uhm... let me see...) four or five years now, and only recently I reached the level cap for the first time. My trusty tanking partner actually had to freeze his exp so he would not get there weeks, nay months, before I did. After our initial rush of victory, realisation dawned that we were now facing something completely different: Endgame. (Cue doomsey music, à la 'dun dun dunnnnnn'.) Panic seized our throats, and anguish drove us to our number one information resource, the internet, to find out more about our specs, class, gear, etc. We had done this before, to find out what gear drops where and such, but I needed something more detailed this time. I needed a fellow holy priest with more experience, to direct me to the things I should and should not do to gear up and get ready.

Initially, that is the three seconds after I first hit search on google, I felt relatively confident. Of course I would find a holy priest who blogs. Why wouldn't I? Surely, this game was widespread enough for there to be at least one other person like me. Or not?

As I clicked outdated link after outdated link, the comments I had received during my levelling came flooding back. "Holy? Why?" "Spec disc lol" and "Wth? Holy sucks" were often whispered to me, but I dismissed them at the time. I had read that holy is a difficult spec to level in, so I was not surprised others preferred not to. I considered myself lucky to have my tank and moved on. But suddenly my thoughts were wavering. There were no updated gear lists. There was no actual advice out there. Worried, I turned to my tank. What if I had made a mistake? He reassured me everything was fine, and I just had to keep looking. Thanks for those words of courage, by the way, I would have given up on it without them.

After a long search I found some blogs that are very valuable. Sadly, most 'holy blogs' seem to be on permanent hiatus, or completely called off. There are some still out there, however. And although most are dual speccing disc, there is some information to be found still.

My finds did not calm my thoughts. The world of holy priests looks like an ancient and forgotten one. Have we really become dispensible? Have we been thrown out like rags? Where are our thrones that read 'most versatile healer' and 'best raid healer'? In other words, is holy dead?


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