Thursday, 11 March 2010

Strike a pose

Finally, I've completed my pirate RP set! I consider it one of those necessary things to own, as a self-respecting roleplayer, a pirate set that is not created by a flick of a wrist and a light dash with a magic wand. For this special occasion, I will show off Ariyuni with her new outfit, and her usual gear (for arpee, obviously... it's a little too squishy to pug with).

First things first:

Here she is, in a close-up, with the new piratey costume. It is designed for an occasion in which she is a bar wench in Booty Bay. It's not sure if the event will still take place, but I simply couldn't resist assembling the gear I chose anyway.

This is Ariyuni in full-length, with Shriyaro, my dear Pocket Tank, to her left.

And here is the same view, but from the side.

Now, for the normal RP gear:

I think this outfit suits her quite well... But then, I may be a little biased.
So there we are. I haven't added which items I used for these outfits, but you can get the list on request.



  1. Wooo! For hot Draenei pirate girls :D

  2. The pirate outfit is perfect for that bar wench role :D

  3. @Shriyaro: Don't you know it ;)

    @Arceopteryx: Thanks!