Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Up, down, and PUG it all around

There is something about pugging heroics that makes my heart skip a beat and my palms sweat. And not in the good way. My pockytank practically has to beg me before I grudgingly give in with a sigh. "Alright, let's run an instance...", a sentence that escapes my lips only when I feel just-so. My mood, which is volatile at the best of times, has to be tipped to the precarious state of 'happy' to even consider dealing with a pug, and more often than not I find myself on the gloomy side of the world afterwards. Yet, when I don't run any instances for a while, I get the itch to heal something. I even look for randoms that seem a little off, not quite one hundred percent health, and I stick a HoT on them as if I'm some kind of healing-obsessed maniac. (And let's be honest, I probably am.)

I know exactly why I don't enjoy pugging anymore. Yes, I used the word 'anymore' there, for there used to be a time, before eighty (or BE), when I loved running instances. I think my pockytank and me got the majority of our experience points running through some dungeon or other. He charged, I hit him with some holy goodness, and off we were. The dps was only a pain on rare occasions, most of the time it didn't really ruin the instance for us. Everyone wanted as much XP as possible, so everyone tried their best. Life was good.

Compared to what I go through now, it sounds like heaven. Of course, there might be a little bit of melancholy involved here that distorts my BE-memories, but I am sure there is something specifically wrong with heroics.

A few days ago, we found ourselves in one of those dreaded pug situations. At least I think so, since Mr. Pockytank is probably still laughing about it. We were in Halls of Stone. Usually a pretty smooth run for us, even with bad dps. This time, however, I would never see the endboss kick the bucket. For the very first time, I ragequit a group. Me. Ragequit. I still don't quite understand what happened there. Well, actually, I probably do. One of the main things that influenced what happened was a post made by Tam a few days ago, which Pocky and I both read. Good thing too, or I would have felt superguilty about what transpired.

We entered HoS and passed a friendly greeting to everyone. Our DPS of the evening consisted of a DK, a druid, and a mage. Cue Pocky's frown at the DK, and the usual muttered "I hope he keeps his lash where it belongs...". We cut through the trash reasonably well. Things seem to go relatively smoothly on my end, relatively because the mage does get knocked around a bit. To our pleasant surprise, the DK was controlling his aggro really well. Still, Pocky grew more and more annoyed next to me. "That druid keeps knocking trash into the next mob, and the mage keeps pulling!" he growled. "Well, ask them politely to stop doing that. You're the tank, right?" He did, and the druid immediately stopped pushing things around.

Next, we encounter our first boss. The big stoney dude with the crystals on his shoulders that turns everyone to stone every once in so often and throws rocks around, you know who I mean. We do alright with him, were it not for the unfortunate ending where he stoneformed everyone and immediately threw a rock at me. Bloody smear of priest on the floor. I kindly asked for a res, and the druid complied in a friendly manner, even though the mage, who was now turning into one of those lolololgogogo people, kept jumping up and down in front of the druid (while he was casting), screaming "RES THE HEALER!! RES DROOD RES RES RESSSS!!", or some such.

We made it out of there with only my pride smudged a little. All in all, this was not that bad a group. So far.

See, the next trashpull was one of those that drives Pocky insane. It's always followed by the next mob, and he can't figure out how to make it a more bearable experience. Either way, it's kind of a stressy situation for both of us. The DPS is already waiting, and I am sitting down with them for a quick drink. Pocky is still back at the boss, deciding if he wants to need something for his offspec or not. Suddenly, the mage pulls. Not just one mob, or the one that inevitably comes with that one, but ALL of the mobs in the vicinity. By that point, I had decided that I would only heal the minimum for the mage. They had not shown any of the usual curtsey, like sharing mana food, and were pulling like mad. I was starting to feel like an enabler by healing him to max health all the time. Maybe he would be more carefull if he was only at 50 percent? Apparently not. Pocky charged into the room, swearing, trying to get hold of the mobs. The mage iceblocks, and the mobs run to.... (dun dun dunnn) Me.

Somehow, we survive, and I stick a hot on the mage. This is where the proverbial shit hit the fan. "Priest, heal." I look up, startled. "I am healing you."
Mage: "Heal plz!"
Me: "See the green bar filling up gradually? That's me healing you." (Talking about the HoT.)
Druid: "That will take you over ten seconds to heal him!"
Mage: "Omg, the priest can't heal!"
Me: "What?"
Mage: "Ur only heal tank, omg, noob."
(It suddenly becomes very quiet as I stare at my screen. Suddenly, a window pops up for Pocky, I turn with a frown, expecting his game to glitch or something when I see.... the votekick. On me.)
Pocky: "Are you votekicking the healer?"
Mage: "YEAYEAYEA, he don't heal, votekick!"
(At this point, I am sad to say, I nearly start to cry. In frustration.)
Pocky: "You're trying to votekick the healer. In a guild with the tank."
Mage makes some stupid remark I can't remember...
(Votekick doesn't pass)
Me: *quit party*
Pocky: "Enjoy waiting for your next healer and tank."
Pocky: *quit party*

So yes. My first ever ragequit. To be honest, I am pleased I quit that group. I feel a little sorry for leaving that great DK behind, but that mage can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

And so begins my rage against mages.


  1. That is definatly one of the worse pug-groups. Ignorance is a bliss, and tunnelvision along with the sight of gear upgrades, often cause bad players, to be even worse players. Some people do not understand the game mechanics, or they might just be incredibly stupid.

    "Tanks are supposed to get aggro no matter what lolol"

    "If we die it's the healers fault because it's the healer that heal, and if we don't get healing enough while taking 50k damage, because we didn't interrupt, is the healers fault"

    It's often like that, and the answer to it is that you do play with a lot of different people, and they are all different.

    Are you sure that it isn't the instances or is it the fact that some people are just plain dumb, that you don't like pugging anymore?

    I don't run heroics with 4 random people, exactly because of the situation you were in.

  2. I think what you described there is exactly what's wrong with heroics. On the one hand you have players who know the instance, but just run it for the badges or loot. They pull everything on purpose and get angry when the tank and healer can't keep them alive. On the other hand, you have those who have managed to get to 80 without doing some of the instances, and pull everything by accident. I have sympathy for the latter, because they genuinely don't know and are quite gratefull if you're a little patient with them. The first group, however, is the reason why I dislike pugging. I try to get groups with my pocky plus one dps from our guild, but that still leaves two open spaces for loltards. And it seems like we get them all the time. -.- *sigh*

    Oh, well. It's the nature of the net, I suppose. :)

  3. I've had my share of people like this too. If you get a few too many of these in a row you have to be careful not to start doubting yourself sometimes. Especially as starting healer, or tank. These guys are the reason why there aren't enough tanks and healers around, no doubt. I can't stand them. Good thing you quit, let them feel the queue time, perhaps they'll get it then (doubt it though).

  4. Yup. Nature of the net. Some people use the fact that they are safe behind their screen, where you can't give them a slap :(

    I also agree with Daxlim on this, it is very hard to start as a healer or tank, because of the pressure from loltards.

    Just keep trying, eventually you will find good ones, or fill up a group with some nice guildies of yours. Do it the way that you think is fun. It's the most important thing :)

  5. Yeah, I doubt myself too sometimes. The problem with that is that no one ever says anything when you're doing a good job, they only speak up to complain. :3 That's why I try to tell the dps they're doing good when I feel they are. Of course, I give Pocky feedback all the time, and I'm sure I drive him insane by going 'Did I do that part alright there?' questions. Heeheehee.

  6. What a total tosser! You did absolutely the right thing, and you shouldn't feel in the slightest bit bad - although, to be honest, I would probably have told he wasn't getting any healing because he was being a dick. Although you both sound far too nice for that kind of bad-mouthing. :)

    But, yes, stand up to PUGs, they're not all bad and ideally go with guildies :)