Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wanted: YOU!

*image of me pointing finger at you, in the American military poster style*

Don't worry, I don't want to start my army to take over the world... yet...
This is just a short little post asking for some feedback from those who read this blog. You see, I am trying to assemble a BiS list for pre-raiding priests, preferably holy spec. The reason for this is two-sided:

1) I can't find one on the net myself, and I'm sure others are looking for a list like that. So I would actually be making a usefull addition to the internets. (Amagad!)
2) I'm gearing up to do raids myself, and I'm curious what the general gear-requirements are.

So, if any of you have a favourite item that you absolutely can not raid without, like those blue prada... uhm! Fancy purples! Fancy purples we all love, yes. That. (Whew, close one...) *coughs* If you have any items like that, which you think are real must-haves, please post about them in a reply to this message.




  1. I cannot give you a full list of specific gear to farm for. The best thing in my opinion is that go farm heroics. Get tier 9, and maybe a "Merlins robe".

    Check the addon called: "Atlasloot" as far as I remember you want gear with tons of spirit and spellpower, so look after gear like that in the loot tables.

    The new ICC heroics are a really good way to get new awesome bits of gear to get raid ready. All above is a bit.. vague, but I hope you can use it as some help. You should also check Aliena on Tankspot out. She made a Holy Priest guide, that might be really interesting :)
    Just remember one thing. GS or gear in general is a bad thing to figure out if you are well geared enough. Any decent raiding guild knows that skill > gear, so if you keep the overview, and can play your class well, then you might not need the best gear available.

    What I can't live without in a raid, is some novelty item that give us all a laugh. Like the tiny toy train you can buy in Dalaran, that makes everybody around it do /train :D
    It's always good to get a laugh after a wipe.

  2. Alright. I made a list of things from Triumph badges, Conquest badges, and the new ICC instances.

    It's probably not all that is BiS pre raiding, but this will definatly get youu very far.

    I can email the WORD document if you are interested.

    BiS Holy Priest pre raiding
    Patch 3.3.2/3
    Tier Items:
    Legs: Velen’s Leggins of Conquest.

    Head: Velen’s Cowl of Conquest.

    Hands: Velen’s Gloves of Conquest.

    Shoulders: Velen’s Shoulderpads of Conquest.

    Offset items:

    Trinket #1: Talisman of Resurgence.

    Trinket #2: Ephemeral Snowflake.

    Ring #1: Band of Invoker.

    Ring #2: Oath of Empress Zoe.

    Feet: Prelate’s Snowshoes.

    Waist: Braid of Salt and Fire.

    Wrist: Wristguards of Subterranean Moss.

    Back: Cloak of the Fallen Cardinal.

    Neck: Evoker’s Charm.

    Main Hand: Surgeon’s Needle.

    Off Hand: Shriveled Heart.

    Wand: Brimstone Igniter.

    Chest: Merlin’s Robe.

  3. Wow, thanks a lot for that list! I didn't expect you to look for every slot. Great work though, it's really really appreciated~


    Is it ok if I post this, with my own thoughts next to it, sometime in the future? (I will of course mention you!)

  4. Yup. You edit, change, add, rewrite it, all that you want.

    Just happy to help! :)

  5. Oh, and, the word document would be very nice too :>

    (Who said writing a blog was hard work? *pats*)

  6. Haha. I tried twice writing a blog. It requires a bit and I had to give up twice. Sorry about the late response, router problems and could first fix them after I helped prepare a party for the family coming up this saturday :)

    Couldn't find your email address, so sendspacing it in a zip file.

    It's both in docx and 97 - 03 format, so you should be able to use it.

  7. I always liked this site to browse for drops:

    But.. Wowhead is probably a lot better for finding BiS items.

    And for what I definitely wouldn't go without myself (besides the always loyal westfall chicken) is 2 pieces of tier 9 myself because of the great set bonus.

    This is all I can come up with, good luck with the guide!

  8. Don't forget to collect some shadow spec gear too, so I can heal on my druid from time to time ^^

  9. Ah... I don't have a shadow spec. <.<
    It's holy and disc. *hides*

    But! I can level some alts? :P