Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A rose by any other name...

Having read the recent blue post on Mastery, I grow more and more impatient for Cataclysm. No doubt that is exactly what Blizzard aimed for, sneaky little buggers...

Part of me is screaming for all these changes to stop. I'm trying to learn about gear and how all that works *now*, and it is somewhat frustrating to see how all of that will be blown away once the expac arrives. Of course, as a good friend told me in comfort, the expansion is not to be released for a while, in all probability, but I still feel as if my current efforts are rendered completely useless. Still, I don't just want to leave my lovely priest hanging there while I twiddle my thumbs in exasperation.

I like the idea of mastery being applied to gear. I also like that, while all stats are being simplified a little, there will still be a sufficient amount of diversity for players to make their own decisions. At least that is what I expect will happen. I do understand that some players are concerned that the game is getting a little too 'dumbed down', and I must say I count myself as one of them on rare occasions. My sentiments are then more along the lines of "We had to do it as lowbies, we had to bite through the pain, they should too!", and not the preservation and protection tactics that I see elsewhere. After all, as the game expands the goal of endgame is removed further and further away from the starter levels, and it is in Blizzard's best interest to remain inviting for new players as well as experienced ones. It is a thin line to walk, however, but I suppose we'll just have to suck it up and see how it turns out.

In the end, they are tweaking some aspects of the game, but the core remains the same. While I am a little nervous about the changes, and anxious to try them, it is still the same game - but in a new coat. Especially when it comes to the talent changes. Ultimately, they just grouped the talents a little differently. None of the effects they had in-game will go away completely.

I suppose we will have to put Shakespeare's words to the test. Will our roses, by any other name, still smell as sweet?

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  1. Ever since I started playing World of Warcraft, i've been trying to learn how the different stats works. I've got a basic idea now, but I am no master. The green stats have always been nice in my opinion, so you got a chance to customize your output in form of gear (i.e gems, enchants etc.)so you can play as you like, go for spirit as a disc priest if you would like to hold for a loooong fight, or go for crit if you want output.

    As I have understood this, they are now changing it so it's class knowledge before gear. So talents and usage of your spells are now the most crucial part (well it is now too, but instead of people going "GS LOLOL", they might be more focused on that Tranq Arrow from the hunter instead of his DPS).

    You will (possibly) get more options to customize your class on talent/skill plan, instead of gear. I hope that more talents will be stuff to look for in the raiding end instead of just having one or two accepted specs.

    It's gonna be interesting for sure!