Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pre-Raid Priest

*Sound of trumpets*

It is here! With the help of the amazing Arceopteryx (actually, they made the list and I just edited it a tiny bit with my own opinions...) I can proudly anounce that we have a List of Gear for Pre-Raid Priests. I won't keep you waiting much longer, but please read the note at the end of this post for more clarification.

*open heavy red velvet curtains*

Head: Velen's Cowl of Conquest (T9, 50 EoT, here)
Neck: Evoker's Charm (19 EoC, here) (!)
Shoulders: Velen's Shoulderpads of Conquest (T9, 30 EoT, here)
Chest: Merlin's Robe (Craftable) (*)
Wrists: Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers (Craftable) (*)
Hands: Velen's Gloves of Conquest (T9, 30 EoT, here)
Waist: Braid of Salt and Fire (Pit of Saron H, Ick)
Finger: Band of the Invoker (35 EoT, here)
Finger: Oath of Empress Zoe (Halls of Reflection H, The Captain's Chest)
Trinket: Talisman of Resurgence (50 EoT, here)
Trinket: Ephemeral Snowflake (Halls of Reflection H, Marwyn)
Main Hand: Surgeon's Needle (Pit of Saron H, Forgemaster Garfrost)
Off-Hand: Shriveled Heart (Halls of Reflection H, The Captain's Chest)
Wand: Brimstone Igniter (25 EoT, here)

(!) As you can see, this item requires Emblems of Conquest, not Emblems of Triumph. It will be a pain to convert, but some believe it's worth it.

(*) The patterns drop at the Trial of the Crusader Heroic 10. It might be a bit rough to find them, or a tailor that can make them. On a positive note: you'll be able to collect a lot of Crusader Orbs while you're looking for it~ The mats for these two can also be a little tricky or expensive to assemble. But they're definitely worth it. (The only argument against that I've heard of is that it needs replacing after a while, but then all gear does, certainly at this gear level. It's called "upgrading". /end snarky comments)
Also: Arceopteryx' list had these for wrists, which are a very nice alternative if you decide not to go for the craftable.

Note: One of the reasons why there are no fixed gear lists for priests is that it is a very versatile class. Everyone has a different play-style and so a different opinion. However, that makes it very difficult for new players to learn the class, and if your brain shuts down when math lurks around, like mine, it can be a little harsh to bite through all of the theory crafting. That is why I made this list. As such, it is by no means an exclusive 'look-at-me-I-have-the-best-gear' list. It is more of a guideline. Any remarks or comments are welcome, especially if you feel you found an item that is better than what is posted here.

I will make short posts on gems and enchants in the near future.



  1. A little-known trick to make badge-converting less painful:
    Shift + left click on the badge to downgrade to and you can simply enter how many badges you wish to convert!
    Also, there's a goblin at the tavern in the Dalaran sewers (where proper priestesses hesitate to thread no doubt) who carries all the different badges, so you don't have to poke a handful of vendors

  2. In patch (or whatever you would like to call it!) is there a Frozen Orb vendor released that takes Frozen Orbs (funny enough) and exchange them for other useful items.

    Frost Lotus..
    (here it comes)
    Wait wait!!!
    (Here it is for real!!!!)
    Other orbs!
    4 for 1 runed
    6 for 1 crusader

    That is really useful if you want to save a lot of money when crafting the expensive robe. Also in that patch, the moonshroud, spellweave, ebonweave cooldown is REMOVED!!! Yeah zomg!!

    I would actually prefer the wrists you found :o

    Thank you for presenting my "name" in an awesome way! :3

  3. We've been stacking frozen orbs in the guild bank for the last month or so, can't wait until we can buy other orbs with them! Will make crafted i245 much more accessible, particularly when combined with removing the limit on titansteel crafting! (I'm the pocket tank btw, I need my plate :D)

  4. Yeah is pretty useful that you actually can craft stuff, instead of waiting a few weeks, then get your epic, then wait another few weeks, to get your other epic, or pay shitloads for the mats at ah.

    Gives the average player a chance :) (Average is not negatively charged!!!!)

  5. Cooldowns removed?! Hurray! \o/

    The world will be a better place, with expensive cloth flying around everywhere.

    It will be interesting to see what this does to the Azerothian economy. :P

  6. You should really post a horde side pre-raid gear guide for a holy priest...No one likes alliance.Why play a role playing game and be makes zero sense.